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About Us

 How we started:

I started my Design career in Los Angeles in 2012 and have worked for a variety of large global companies & small local brands during that time. After a great deal of thought and endless conversations, I decided to apply my knowledge of the industry and my life passions to create my own brand, GOLDIE Clothing, in Los Angeles.
I set out to create a brand that was effortless to style and beautifully versatile, all while highlighting elements of the garment that most designers and brands strive to hide.
During my very first collection, I found myself standing in a warehouse with no air conditioning watching rows of workers sew their assigned seam, garment after garment. I circled the warehouse where I stepped over piles of zippers and buttons and weaved in and out of giant stacks of cut fabric pieces waiting to be sewn. After taking it all in, my heart dropped as the realization set in just like it has for many in our industry.
I was part of the problem. I was contributing to the poor working conditions of these workers and the over consumption & pollution of our planet. I paid the sewer, took my garments and sat in my car with a heavy heart. I had to be part of the change, not the problem. So instead of turning a blind eye, I acted- I joined the change.


Inspired by the effortless beauty & golden glow of the “golden hour.”
Goldie is created with limited, repurposed and recycled fabrics and made in-house at our Los Angeles design Studio. Our garments are made by hand, consciously sourced and designed to reduce our footprint on our planet while providing a classic and unique collection of feminine and edgy styles. Each piece is ethically curated, hand-dyed from sustainably sourced fabrics, made to order and in very limited quantities.
To truly curate garments that are intimately authentic & perfectly versatile, we have intentionally exposed seams, left edges unhemmed and created dye patterns to have imperfections. Our garments are designed to be fully versatile & one-of-a-kind, to allow everyone’s individual identity and creativity to be part of the final design. We ensure there is no wrong way to wear our pieces.

Xo Katt De Moss